Andrus Genealogy Website


Research_library The genealogy of Milo Andrus and his family is available online at Ruluf and


Notes on Navigating the Information

  • Information on the Living When viewing records for Milo’s descendants you will be unable to see any information on living people (their records will be marked “Private”). If you register as a family member on the site you will be able to see this information.
  • Registering as a Family Member Send an e-mail to the site administrator, Laura Anderson ( Tell her your name and how you are related to the family. After verifying this information, she will send you a user name and password. This will make it possible for you to see information on living family members.
  • More than One Family This site is maintained by family researcher Laura Anderson. She also stores information on the site on other family lines that are not related to Milo. The majority of the records are related to Milo, but not all.