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Milo’s Mission Journal from Liverpool England (1849-1850)

“I Am Willing to Do My Duty in All Things”: Milo’s 1st Report from St. Louis (July 1854)

“The Saints Are Rejoicing And Bearing Testimony”: Milo’s 2nd Report from St. Louis (October 1854)


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“The Life and Wives of Milo Andrus” (A Play)

“From the Time I First Heard Elder Andrus Speak…”: The Conversion of Henry Eyring

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Milo, St. Louis, and the St. Louis Luminary

Milo Andrus and the Founding of Mormon Grove

“The Lord Has Opened the Way Before Us”: The Story of Milo’s First Crosssing of the Plains (1850)

“One of the Hardest Burdens that I Have Been Called to Bear”: The Story of Milo’s Second Crossing of the Plains (1855)

Milo Refutes Gladden Bishop

Milo Debates Plural Marriage with Joseph Smith III


Andrus Halfway House Selected for Pioneer Trails State Park

Laura Anderson: How Accurate is Milo’s Autobiography?

On Pioneer Missionaries by D. Calvin Andrus

Elder Henry B. Eyring: “On behalf of my family, I thank you.”