President’s Message: July 2007 — From New President Brent Andrus

July 20, 2007

Brent_andrus It was wonderful meeting and visiting with so many of you at our recent Milo Andrus Family reunion.  Many thanks go to those who worked so hard to make the reunion such a tremendous success.  Special thanks go to Craig and Laura Anderson and extended family for their many contributions to the reunion.  The Saturday morning breakfast was absolutely fabulous, and the park was the ideal setting for everything else.  Thanks to De Lane Andrus Hyer for the play about Milo and his wives, and again to Laura for her dedication in organizing and presenting it.  The play was the perfect ending to a great reunion.  I am certain that Milo, his wives and our other ancestors would be very pleased with all of the events of the reunion.   

I would be remiss if I did not add my special thanks to Merrill Andrus for his leadership of this organization over the last four years.  Much has been accomplished under his leadership, and he has left some very big shoes to fill.  Thanks also to Don Andrus for his vision and courage in revitalizing this organization four years ago.  I am grateful for the talents, dedication and willingness of each of you in moving this organization forward. As I assume the responsibility for leading the Milo Andrus Family organization, I am both humbled and honored to represent you.  There remains much work to be done in many areas, including ancestral research, descendancy tracking and temple work.  I encourage each of you to get involved in any way you can to help further the work of this great organization.  Your donations of time, talents and money are greatly appreciated and much needed to accomplish our mission.  I expect that we will witness some significant developments in many areas in the coming months and years.  If you haven’t done so already, be sure you sign up to receive email updates as new information is posted on this website.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support.

Sincerely your brother,
Brent M. Andrus

President’s Message: June 2007 — My Last Message as President

June 1, 2007

Merrill_andrus2 This is my last message. At the Milo Andrus Family Reunion, in the business meeting scheduled for Saturday morning, 16 June 2007, a new president will be elected.

I appreciate the members of the Board of Directors who have faithfully guided the affairs of the Organization during the past four years. These include:

Brent Andrus, Vice  President
Donald R. Andrus, Secretary
Ray B. Andrus, Research Coorinator
Garth Andrus, Robert Andrus, and Andy Andrus, Web Site Managers
Mark M. Andrus, Mailing List Compiler

Wife Line Representatives:

Dale C. Andrus – Abigail Jane Daley
Irene Witmer – Sarah Ann Miles
Cyrus Milo McKell – Lucy L. Tuttle
Berwyn J Andrus – Adeline Alexander
Edwin Andrus and J Mark Andrus – Mary Ann Webster
Kathrine Bowthorpe – Ann Brooks
G. Rich Andrus – Jane Lancaster Munday
Afton Buchanan – Margaret Ann Boyce
Matthew Turner and Ronald M Morgan – Emma Covert

In addition, a great deal of research had been done by Laura Anderson and her husband Craig Anderson. Gary K. Ball has filled in for Afton Buchanan and has contributed expertise on DNA tracking of ancestry.

All these and many others have taken seriously some responsibilities for moving forward the various projects and activities of the Milo Andrus Family Organization. They all have my most profound gratitude for the service they have rendered. I hope all of you are also thankful for the efforts these people have put forth.

Many more will be participating in the Family Reunion and I urge every descendant of Milo Andrus to attend.

Sincerely your brother,

G. Merrill Andrus

President’s Message: March 2007 – Five Things You Can Do To Help

March 1, 2007

Recently a question arose, "What should the wife line organizations be doing and what should individuals be doing?"

Each wife line in the Milo Andrus Family Organization can work to become organized with assignments and meetings to take care of details such as the following:

Our family will be better served if we can answer the question, "Who are the descendants of Milo Andrus and his wife _________." Someone in each wife line (or more than one person) should be assigned to work together to make such lists of descendants. You personally can help in this effort by putting together a descendancy list of your kids, your grandkids, your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, etc. and giving it to your wife line representative. (Don’t know who that is? You can look it up here.)

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President’s Message: February 2007

February 1, 2007


Andy Andrus has taken many of the features of the old format and has fashioned a new, attractive, and usable web site for the Milo Andrus Family Organization.

We all hope you will regularly visit this site. We hope you will "bookmark" or "favorites" this site and set yourself the routine of referring to it often. A number of important things can happen if you will refer often:

  1. You will be aware of the history of one of the families from which you descend.
  2. You will recognize that there is more to do in discovering your ancestry.
  3. You will become acquainted with relatives who also descend from Milo Andrus.
  4. You will recognize the advantages of knowing those relatives.
  5. You will learn about the big Milo Andrus Family Reunion to be held in June 2007.
  6. You will understand better the importance of family ties in all that you do now.
  7. You will understand better the importance of family ties in all that you do in the future.

Please communicate with the rest of the Family through the web site and through the links that will grow in scope and importance.

G. Merrill Andrus, President

President’s Message: August 2006

December 21, 2006

Dear Milo Andrus Decendants,

New things are coming on the Milo Andrus Web Page. Robert Andrus, our web master, has been joined by Andy Andrus and John Garett Taylor on the web staff.

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