Family Newsletter May 2008 — Print Edition


The May 2008 Family Newsletter was mailed this week.

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To read a PDF version on the newsletter, click the link below.

Milo Andrus Family Newsletter – May_2008 (PDF)


One Response to “Family Newsletter May 2008 — Print Edition”

  1. Laura Anderson on May 20th, 2008 11:17 am

    Thanks to the persons who got the Newsletter out! Wonderful job. I am in London about ready to go the the home of Ann Brooks this afternoon or tomarrow morning or to as least see where it would have been.
    I spent 4 days at the Warwickshire Archive office and the second day I sat down and had no sooner started than a lady came in with an old parish book record with the name of Bindley on it. Bindley is where the Munday line comes from. You are not allowed to see these books they are on film and that is what you are able to “see” no execptions.
    This older women was a volunteer at the library who was just finishing up the transcription using the original record book. She allowed me to see her transcriptions, and, when the transcription of the original book was different from what we had she let me see the book.
    The day before I had possibly got another generation on the Mullis line into the Bindley parish so this “co-incidence” was even more interesting.
    This lady had done 50 pages of transcription to that date and with the three additional pages that she did as I was there with her she compleated the first Bindley book.
    When she was done with it I went up and asked if I could film the entrys that we had in the Bindley book (fully expecting to be told no) they said yes. The filming the church did was not good as the ink was so faded it was in black and white. You need higher resolution and color to even start to read some of it. Was this a “co-incidence” you decide!

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