Impressions of Milo Andrus By Apostle Matthias Cowley

Matthias F. Cowley (1858 – 1940) was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church from 1897 until 1905. He was the father of Apostle Matthew Cowley.







My acquaintance with Brother Milo Andrus began about the year 1874 when Brother Andrus had a home on Dry Creek about one and one-half miles South West of the center of the City of Sandy as it now stands. It was a frame building with a porch in front facing the East. This was more than sixty years ago. The old house is still standing in a state of good preservation. At that time I was engaged with the Surveying Party of my stepfather Brother Jesse W. Fox, surveying the Utah Southern Railroad line. Soon after our location on Dry Creek where we pitched our tents just north of the Andrus home, Brother Andrus took contracts to build grade for the railroad. He had some teams, plows, and scrapers, which were manipulated by his own sons. In addition he employed other men and teams so that he was well equipped to construct a large amount of railroad grade.

Brother Andrus was not a very tall man nor a very small man. He was stocky built with a very good strong constitution. He was very industrious, always on time, never late, and in this respect was a good example worthy the following of his employees and all around him. I do not remember that he was ever late in finishing his work at the time appointed. The work was done, and well done, ready for the inspection of the Civil Engineers, who were held accountable to see that all grade was finished up on time to meet the demands of the Railroad Company.

I well remember the long contract he had just South of the Point of the Mountain on the Utah County side.

He was an early riser, a long day worker, and did not retire until his days work was well done.

His wives, too, were very industrious and real helpmates. I knew his wife, Lucy, who had a home at the Point of the Mountain and took in travelers to board and lodge as the travelers came in both directions. When the railway progressed in construction as far south as Spanish Fork his wife moved to that city and had boarders to assist in the livelihood of the family. She boarded the surveyors and we had many good wholesome meals at the table of Sister Lucy Andrus. During all these months, we were in touch with Brother Milo Andrus and learned that he was a man of striking personality and that he was a man of experience and ability in the growth and development of the Church.

Later on in life, when I had filled two missions in the Southern States and was called to locate in Idaho and help to build up the Oneida Stake of Zion, I was happy to know that Brother Milo Andrus had been called to the Oneida Stake of Zion. He located in Oxford, Idaho. When the Oneida Stake was organized in 1884, he was called to preside over the High Priests of that stake. In the same year, he was ordained a Patriarch and became our leading stake Patriarch from then until the day of his death, June 18, 1893. He was an able expounder of the doctrines of the gospel, and he preached the gospel from the time he was baptized in 1832 by Gideon H. Carter until near the time of his decease.

He gave many Patriarchal Blessings, preached many sermons, conversed on many gospel subjects wherever opportunity afforded.

He was loved and respected by the authorities of the church, and by all good men and women who knew him.

I loved him very much and he did me, and I hope that in the Resurrection of the Just, I shall be worthy to renew my acquaintance and have an Eternity of joy with Brother Milo Andrus and others of like character of this good man.


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