Milo’s Living Grandchildren (1 of 7): Phyllis Andrus Walburger

This is the first in a seven part series highlighting Milo’s remaining living grandchildren. These profiles were written in 2006. Watch for the other profiles in upcoming weeks.


Phyllis_2 My name is Phyllis Edrie Andrus Walburger (Margaret Ann Boyce). I was born July 8, 1922, to wonderful parents, Benjamin Boyce Andrus and Lydia Rosetta French. I was the seventh child and the sixth daughter born, to take my place in this great family. My dad and mother, five sisters and my brother, Milo, who was just two years older than I, were very special to me and I loved them all so dearly. Then after two years, I got to have two more sisters, which brought a lot more fun and loving into my life.

I was baptized July 8, 1930, on my eighth birthday. Now, I was truly a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I have always been proud of this and have tried to be obedient and faithful to my Heavenly Father and he has granted me so many blessings. I thank Him for these blessings every day of my life.

As a teenager I had many friends, both boys and girls. I guess I could say I was popular. Anyway, I really enjoyed my teen years. Also, as a teenager, I taught Bee Hive girls and was assistant Sunday School Secretary, and taught the Trail Builders. I was Queen of the Green and Gold Ball, played a lot of basketball and softball, learned what work was all about and learned how to do it. We had a large family and a huge garden and a farm. All knew the value of hard work and how to be thrifty.

1_of_7_quick_facts_3 I married Thomas T. Walburger (the love of my life) when I was 22 years of age, in the Cardston Alberta Temple, November 17, 1943. We had a memorable and happy life together for 53 years.

I enjoyed married life with my sweetheart and when we were first married we lived in a little one-room house and were very happy there. No water or electricity but we didn’t care. Just to be together was enough.

We had five special children: Milo Thomas, born April 14, 1945; passed away May 18, 1956, at the age of 11, from leukemia. Rita Marie (our only daughter), born April 21, 1946. Gary Joseph, born January 2, 1950. Barton Max, born June 13, 1953. Rodney Dee, born July 23, 1958. They were all married in the Cardston Alberta Temple and are raising good, honorable families, all active in the Church. The boys live on the ranch in Mountain View, Alberta.

We, after two years, moved to a ranch south and west of Mountain View. Then I had many opportunities to serve my Heavenly Father. I taught kindergarten for six years. I worked in the MIA teaching Bee Hives first, then Mia Maids, then Laurels for three years. I was Primary president for four or five years and worked in the Relief Society as Counselor, and as visiting teacher for a lifetime (it seems). I still am a visiting teacher. I was also Drama Director for seven years. I loved the classes I taught.

1_of_7_ancestry My dear Tom, after a lengthy and painful illness, left this life on February 1, 1997, to go to a better place, so I left the ranch and moved the Cardston. Two of my older sisters live here too. My youngest sister, Beth, is still living and comes to see us when she can.

At one time I promised my Heavenly Father I would never refuse any job they asked me to do in the Church and to this day, I have never refused this commitment. I am still a Relief Society visiting teacher. Family home evening coordinator has been quite challenging here and I’ve been that for two and a half years. I love my church work and I thank my Heavenly Father each day for the opportunities that are mine. It is my prayer that we may all do the best we can so we can have all our families in the eternities.


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