Milo’s Living Grandchildren (2 of 7): Beth Andrus Cahoon


This is the second in a seven part series highlighting Milo’s remaining living grandchildren. These profiles were written in 2006.

My name is Beth Andrus Cahoon (Margaret Ann Boyce). I was born in Cardston, Alberta, Canada, the ninth child of Benjamin Boyce Andrus and Lydia Rosetta French. I was welcomed into their large family on a cold morning of December 2, 1930. My appearance must have been a total shock as the Andrus clan had finished their family (they thought) six years earlier. I was, however, a delightful child and soon won their hearts—I’m told.

My childhood was happy and carefree as I roamed the hills of Hill Spring, rode our old horse “Babe,” swam in the canal in summer and skated on one of the three ponds around our little hamlet in the winter. The foothills west of Spring Hill were crowded with sleighs and toboggans every Saturday during the winter months.

“The Lone Ranger” galloped into our home on the airways of our old Marconi radio at 5:00 p.m. every week night. We were glued to the old set to witness his wonderful adventures. Every Monday night we welcomed glamour into our huge kitchen as we settled as a family for the Lux Theatre.  There was always a great show, and the star of the production always talked personally to each of us as she told us of her perfect complexion obtained from using Lux Toilet Soap.

In 1945 my parents sold their farm and home and moved to Cardston. I left for girls camp with the Hill Spring young women, and returned with the Cardston 3rd ward group. My Cardston years were filled with music from Grade 9 on through High School. I sang in the Stake Choir, in trios, duets, Glee Club, musical productions, double mixed quartettes, and solos. I was asked to sing at every wedding reception around the country whether I knew them or not.

When I finished my last Grade 9 exam, I met Edwin Cahoon. It was ‘love at first sight’ for me and we were married the summer I finished Grade 12, July 9, 1949. To this happy union we have been blessed with nine wonderful children, seven of whom are still living. Our daughter Connie, died at three-days old, and are beloved Shelly lost her battle with cancer May 16, 2004.

If you visit the Cardston Temple any day that it’s open, you will likely see my husband at the Recommend Desk, in the Sealing Room, or doing a session. He will be there doing what he can. He has worked hard all his life to support our large family. He is my eternal sweetheart.

We are so blessed as a family and give thanks every day for the magnificent heritage we have from our parents and ancestors, for our posterity, which continues to grow. Our lives are filled to over flowing and our cup runneth over.


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