History of Sarah Miles (From “The Life and Wives of Milo Andrus”)

“The Life and Wives of Milo Andrus” is a readers’ theater play researched and written by Laura Anderson and DeLane Andrus Hyer in 2007.  In the play, the histories of Milo and his wives are presented in first person. This is the part of the play about Sarah Miles. Go here to read the entire play.


This is Sarah Ann Miles, my mother, and second wife to my papa, Milo Andrus. She was married before and had a child Lavinia Maria, when the elders came to her home and taught her about the restored gospel.


I was convinced of the truthfulness of the gospel and joined the church along with my brothers. My husband, Charles Sellew, did not join with me. I took our child and left to join the Saints at Winters Quarters, with the intent of going West. “My husband overtook us and demanded that his child be returned to him, threatening violence if his demand was denied.”

I was counseled by my trail captain to return the child to my husband. I was obedient, and gave him our precious daughter. I felt I would see her soon. Later, in 1848 I was sealed to Milo Andrus by Brigham Young at Winters Quarters, and left with my husband to serve a Mission in England. Shortly after we reached England we had a son, Milo Jr., I was never well the whole time we were there. Milo was an excellent missionary, and had an abiding testimony of the gospel. He was president of the Liverpool district.

After Milo’s mission we returned to America on the ship Argo with several other saints, we traveled up the Mississippi River on the steamer, “Uncle Sam” to Kanessville, Iowa, later called Council Bluffs. Milo was made captain over fifty-five wagons and we headed west to Zion. We found difficulty on the trek feeding our cattle due to the gold rush travelers who had overgrazed the plains grasses. We saw many of the 49’ers graves along the way; but, we only had one fatality in our group, a gold digger bound for California. Even a young girl, whose head had been run over by a wagon, lived to tell about it.  As we entered the Salt Lake Valley on the 21st of August, in 1850; Milo’s wagon sported two hung banners that said, “Holiness to the Lord” and “Hail to the Governor of Deseret.”

I finally succumbed to my weak body, and died on the 28th of November, 1851. I was the first to be buried in the Holladay Cemetery.


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  1. James Sundberg (Sarah Miles) on May 14th, 2013 11:52 pm

    I am looking for the following descendants oh Milo Andrus Jr. Iona Andrus, daughter oh Joseph, Erma Andrus, daughter oh John Ivan, and Irene Andrus and LaVerne Andrus (Diehl) bothdaghters of George. LaVerne is the only one who’s last name I know, and she still lives on Milo Way in Holladay. Any help with last names and addresses of the others wuld be much appreciated, I am a grandson of Willard O. Andrus,

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