The Anderson Report: Milo’s Children Photo Project


From family researcher Laura Anderson:

I am working on a project to locate pictures for each of Milo’s children who lived to adulthood and their spouses.

This picture is of 19 of Milo’s children. It is fuzzy but may help with this project if we can identify them all. Please look at this picture and see if you can recognize any of them! (Click here for a larger version of this photo with each person numbered.) Leave a comment below if you recognize anyone. Here is what we currently think: #3 James Andrus (Daley line), #6 I think is Laron (Alexander line), #7 is Lewis I think (Alexander line), #13 is Mary Jane Andrus Hendricks (Daley line), #12 is Amanda Ann Andrus (Daley line).

Below is a list of Milo’s children and their spouses that I have no known picture for. If you have pictures of any of these people, please send them to me ( Or, if you have any leads on where we might find these pictures, leave a comment below.

To see the pictures I currently have, visit the Andrus Family online research library.

Thanks, Laura


1. Abagail Jane Daley family


2. Sarah Ann Miles family


3. Lucy Loomis Tuttle family

James Miller (husband of Lavenia Andrus)
James McComb (husband of Lavenia Andrus)
Chris Sonberg (husband of Lavenia Andrus)
Alma Andrus
William Boyack Mc Kell (husband of Esmarelda Andrus)

4. Adaline Alexander family

Sarah Ann Stokes 1860-1915 (wife of Lewis)
Liona Andrus 1860-1876 and husband Nephi Parshall Heward
John Lewis Jones (husband of Henrietta Andrus)

5. Mary Ann Webster family

Leah Ann Terry (wife of Marlon Webster Andrus)
Marinda Andrus 1857-1922 and spouse Charles William Hardy 1842 or 6 – 1914
Grant Webster Andrus 1867-1932 and spouse Mary Olive Jeremy 1870-1940
Laura Andrus 1876-1932 and spouses Alfred Barradle Hill 1874-1907, Thomas Perry Green Jr. 1876-1925

6. Elizabeth Brooks family

No children with Milo.

7. Ann Brooks family

Franklin Dilworth Brinton 1857-1932 (spouse of Alwilda Andrus)
Clarence Andrus 1870-1876 (child)

8. Jane Munday family

Better picture for Josephine Andrus
Better picture for George Uri Thompson
Sherman Andrus1866-1886 (died young not having married)

9. Margaret Ann Boyce family

Lars James Larson 1853-1926 (spouse of Isadore Andrus)
John Martin Larson 1857-1937 (spouse of Isadore Andrus)
Brigham Boyce Andrus 1868-1888
Hattie Raymond Homer 1872-1895 (spouse of Hornace Andrus)
Emma Maud Gee 1882-1922 (spouse of Joseph Boyce Andrus)

10. Emma Covert family

Helena Anrus 1859-1934 and spouse Alva Henry Jackson 1840-1917
Mary Emma Andrus 1864-1921 and spouse Alfred Edward Raleigh 1861-1950
Florence Andrus 1867-1934 and spouses: Mr Dorcy abt 1860, Chester M Mcevoy abt 1860, Henry Harry Hughes abt 1860

11. Francenia Tuttle family



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