The Anderson Report: Would the Real Ruluf Please Stand Up?

From family researcher Laura Anderson :

Here is an E mail I got that I thought many of you would be interested in! Laura

Dear Laura,

I googled Ruluf Andress to see what information was out there. It appears to me that the best sites are the ones that have your name attached to them. I do have a question or two and I’m betting you probably know the answer.

Some sites list Joseph Andrus and Sybil Andrews as Ruluf’s parents. Others list Ruluf Andrus Sr. and Azuba White. Still others indicate no parentage can be found. Which one do you think it is?

Also, was young Ruluf the "Ruluf Andrus" placed under the Guardian Bond or not? One site says no with 99% surety, but another says that was before you knew the guarantor of the bond was Sybil’s brother-in-law. Of course, if Sybil is not Ruluf’s mother, the whole issue is solved.

Thanks for all the information you have posted, not only on Ruluf and his family, but also on Milo and his numerous wives as well. With Milo having the 4th largest family in the LDS church, there are many people who are indebted to you — including me! ‎(Wife #1 Abigail Jane Daley through daughter Mary Jane)‎

Thanks for your help with these questions. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Stefenee Hymas

Hello and glad to meet someone who is studying the issue. I believe there is a Ruluf and that he probably is the son of Sybil and guardian bonded to Joseph Johnson but I see absolutely no evidence that any of that group ever met any of our group.

I have traced Ruluf to a logical family but as the records in Poultney burned and therefore we have no evidence we are turning to a Y-chromosome test from one of the known descendants of that line and are awaiting the results from it. If that is a match then we know which family to study. The Sybil theory came from the finding of the Guardian bond and went back from there.

The Ruluf and Azuba White theory was originally purposed by a grandaughter of Ruluf through Carlo. I am still confused by that one as anyone who put the dates together would know it could not work. There is no Ruluf Andrus coming in to the country at the time he was supposed to, he never shows up in a single record anywhere. I have put that one on a back burner until something leads me in that direction.

At this point all I can say is that in the past all people could do is guess. With DNA testing now we can know 100% when we get into the correct line and for us that day is coming soon I hope.

Bye for now! Laura


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  1. De Lane Hyer on October 2nd, 2007 1:23 pm

    Thanks Laura for finding and getting the DNA! So many mysteries may finally be resolved!
    Awaiting word on the results!
    Just a note, as I have looked at other websites on the Andrus Family one mistake is often made on my wife line; people have altered the record of Ann Brooks and her mother, Elizabeth Brooks who both married Milo Andrus on the same day. I find that Ann’s children are given to Elizabeth, and Ann is removed from the record all together! I know it seems rather odd that a mother and daughter married the same man on the same day, but it did happen! Elizabeth had no children with Milo, only her daughter Ann did.
    De Lane Andrus Hyer, decendant of Ann and Elizabeth Brooks

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