Brief Biography of Adeline Alexander

Children: Laron , Henrietta (Jones), Lewis, Lionoa (Heward), Randolph

Milo’s 4th wife Adeline Alexander, was born 1 January 1835 in Weakley, Giles County, Tennessee, to Randolph and Myrza Alexander. The year after her birth, two Mormon missionaries, David W. Patten and Wilford Woodruff, came to the Alexander home.

Adeline was seventeen years old when she and Milo were united in marriage on 27 March 1852. Milo was often away on Church duties or with his other wives and families. Milo was with Adeline shortly before the birth of her fifth child, in July 1862, but he left to some urgent matters, and the baby was born before his return. In the course of the birth, Adeline hemorrhaged and so was unable to care for the little one. This incident brought the strained relationship head. When Adeline unburdened her feelings to President Young, he canceled her sealing to Milo.


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