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Vaun Andrus
Bountiful, Utah

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in August 1953 to Paul Charles and Frances Parker Andrus. My growing up years were spent in Hawaii and Japan. Most of my career has been spent working with clients and companies in Asia, mostly in Japan. I am married to Shawna Kay Pusey and we have two children and five grandchildren. My interest in family history is continually increasing as I learn more about the lives of my ancestors and I continually interact with both immediate and extended family members. Family history matters to me and I know that it matters to Heavenly Father.

Vice President

Tonia Fuller



Holly Lee Abernathy Infante
Layton, Utah
(Sarah Miles wife line)

Though I heard stories of Milo Andrus and some of his descendants from mother as a child, it wasn’t until much later that I became personally acquainted with the Milo Andrus Family Organization.  In May 2011 I had a great desire to learn more about my roots, particularly about my LDS heritage through Milo Andrus.  I was deeply touched as I learned of Milo’s life and the sacrifices he and my other forefathers made so I could be blessed with their rich legacy of faith.

I am a descendant through Milo’s second wife, Sarah Ann Miles.  I am married to Joseph Infante and have five children (three from a previous marriage). I grew up in Southeast Asia, attended university in Pennsylvania, and now live in Layton, Utah. When I’m not busy with my day job as a consultant, I enjoy spending time with my family, serving in my music calling in the church and volunteering for worthy efforts.



Steve Jensen
West Valley, Utah
(Sarah Miles wife line)



Andy Andrus
Ogden, Utah
(Jane Munday wife line)

I am the great great grandson of Milo Andrus. I descend from his 8th wife, Jane Munday. I grew up in Oregon and Utah. I served an LDS mission in North Carolina. I work in the education and training field designing online learning programs for companies and universities. My wife, Chris, and I have six children and we currently live in Ogden, Utah.

I got involved in the Milo Andrus Family Organization because I am inspired by the life that Milo and his family led. I am amazed by the strength of his faith, his dedication to family, and how hard he worked throughout his life. He has a great story that I think can be an inspiration for others. Hopefully we can find new ways to share this story and to strengthen this great family.

Committee Members

Craig Jensen (Sarah Miles wife line)

Ramona Pace (Sarah Miles wife line)


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Abigail Daley

Renee Beckstead


Sarah Miles

Copper Quist


Lucy Loomis and Francenia Tuttle

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Adeline Alexander

Glen Andrus


Mary Ann Webster

Kathryn Ellis


Ann Brooks and Elizabeth Brooks

Bonnie Goddard


Jane Munday

Amy Snow


Margaret Ann Boyce

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Emma Covert 

Brent Andrus