Map: Milo’s Property in Nauvoo and the Nauvoo 5th Ward Boundaries

View Milo’s Nauvoo Property and 5th Ward Boundaries in a larger map.

Milo lived in Nauvoo, Illinois from 1841 to 1846.

During this time he:

  • Served as the bishop of the Nauvoo 5th Ward.
  • Served a mission to Ohio. (Activities included campaigning for the presidential candidacy of Joseph Smith.)
  • Helped build the Nauvoo temple.
  • Was chosen to be one of the Nauvoo police, he helped to watch the city at night and worked on the temple during the day.
  • Received his endowment in the temple and served as an ordinance worker.
  • Was called as president of one of the Quorums of Seventy.

Milo’s property was about 30 blocks east of the Mississippi river on Mulholland St. (see the red marker in the map above).

The 5th Ward boundaries were Cutler Street on the north; Mulholland Street on the south; the river on the west and east at least as far as the city limits (surveyed city blocks extended for 32 blocks east from the river). This ward included the Nauvoo temple site. The highlighted area in the map above are the approximate ward boundaries.





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