The Wills of Ann Brooks’ Father, Uncle, Grandfather, and Grandmother

May 6, 2009

Annbrooks DeLane Hyer has been doing research on Ann Brooks (Milo's seventh wife). She recently located and transcribed the wills for:

  • James Simkins (Ann's father)
  • William Simkins (Ann's uncle)
  • Edmund Simkins (Ann's paternal grandfather)
  • Mary Wyberd Simkins (Ann's paternal grandmother)

According to DeLane, these wills clear up a lot of confusion we have had in the past.

In this document (PDF) you will find transcriptions of the wills and a summary of the important information found in each one.

James Simkins (Ann's Father) Proved Will

A "proved will" is a copy of a will. The original will has been established as genuine by the court and then copied into official records.

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William Simkins (Ann's Uncle) Proved Will


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Edmund Simkins (Ann's Paternal Grandfather) Original Will


Original Will


Close-up of signature.


Elizabeth Brooks Simkins Widow Attachment – This was attached to the end of the will. It was part of Elizabeth's effort to claim her inheritance. It is the only place we can find where she calls herself Elizabeth Simkins or indicates that she was married.

Update to Lucy Loomis’ Gravestone

November 17, 2008

From Terrie Ann Boyer Coleman, a descendant of Lucy Loomis:
I am a Milo Andrus descendant but a late comer to this organization, having attended the gathering last year (2007) at the Pioneer Village reunion. I attended with my Aunt Ann and cousin Linda and we really enjoyed it, and the wives play, too.
This year (2008), at Memorial Day, I once again visited Lucy Loomis' grave in the Spanish Fork cemetary and it once again bugged me that there was no mention of Milo being her husband on her headstone. (I thought perhaps that her Tuttle children had paid for the headstone and thereby decided to mention their father as her husband but not Milo. I don't know for sure but that seems like a likely explanation.)
Loomis grave1

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Milo’s Living Grandchildren (5 of 7): Rosetta Fern Andrus Woolf Gibb

May 26, 2007

This is the fifth in a seven part series highlighting Milo’s remaining living grandchildren. These profiles were written in 2006.

Rosetta_fern I am Rosetta Fern Andrus Woolf Gibb (Maragaret Ann Boyce), the fifth daughter of Benjamin Boyce Andrus and Lydia Rosetta French. I was born on December 10, 1918. Imagine dad and mom’s disappointment when they so wanted a son, to get a big gawky awkward daughter—daughter No. 5. But they loved me anyway. My only brother, Milo, was born two years later, followed by three more girls. Mom and dad were always proud of their daughters and said they could all work like boys.

Our family consisted of dad, mom, Grace, Nellie, Jacquetta, Gwen, Fern, Milo, Phyllis, Alice, and Beth.

I was born in Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada, and lived there for 80 years. I goy my schooling in Hill Spring up through grade 11 as that was all they had at the time. I always had to work and learned the value of work at a young age. Milking cows, feeding pigs, hoeing gardens, wrangling horses, stocking grain, picking berries, and topping beets was a way of life for me.

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Milo’s Living Grandchildren (4 of 7): Gwennie May Andrus Barfuss

May 6, 2007

This is the fourth in a seven part series highlighting Milo’s remaining living grandchildren. These profiles were written in 2006.

I, Gwennie May Andrus Barfus (Margaret Ann Boyce), was born to Benjamin Boyce Andrus and Lydia Rosetta French on August 24, 1916, in Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada. I had seven sisters, Grace, Nellie, Jacquetta, Fern, Phyllis, Alice and Beth, and one brother, Benjamin Milo, who was killed during WWII.

My dad had a farm southeast of Hill Spring. It was here that I learned what a hard days stooking as was as well as milking cows, feeding pigs, and driving six head of horses attached to a plow. I spent many hours working the fields with my dad. We were a very close family; we had to be as there was not room not to be close. Our home was very tiny in today’s standards.

All my activities centered around church, school, and family. I had good teachers both at school and church and I liked to go to both. I want to emphasize that my childhood and my growing-up years were fun and full of all good things. I was in theatre productions, participated in basketball, softball, and hockey.

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Milo’s Living Grandchildren (3 of 7): Ted Garner Andrus

April 22, 2007

TedThis is the third in a seven part series highlighting Milo’s remaining living grandchildren. These profiles were written in 2006.

A cold winter day, January 24, 1919 in Elba, Cassia, Idaho, Ted was born to Hyrum Andrus (son of Milo Andrus and Margaret Ann Boyce) and Virginia (Jenny) Garner Andrus. They lived in a two-story frame house and it was very nice. The home was located on 80 acres where they raised grain and were surrounded by beautiful mountains, crystal clear mountain streams and a close-knit community. He was born into a family of one older sister, Margaret and four older brothers, Charles, William, (Brother Bill), Owen and George. Ted was the youngest.

Ted describes his father Hyrum as “the best of four-team drivers.” He hauled freight to the end of the railroad in Utah to the Alma Elba stores. He also would build the grades to make roads in these areas and in Yellowstone Park and throughout the West. His group prepared the bare ground, filled the gullies, etc. so they could make a road. He could stack hay faster than younger men.

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Milo’s Living Grandchildren (1 of 7): Phyllis Andrus Walburger

April 15, 2007

This is the first in a seven part series highlighting Milo’s remaining living grandchildren. These profiles were written in 2006. Watch for the other profiles in upcoming weeks.


Phyllis_2 My name is Phyllis Edrie Andrus Walburger (Margaret Ann Boyce). I was born July 8, 1922, to wonderful parents, Benjamin Boyce Andrus and Lydia Rosetta French. I was the seventh child and the sixth daughter born, to take my place in this great family. My dad and mother, five sisters and my brother, Milo, who was just two years older than I, were very special to me and I loved them all so dearly. Then after two years, I got to have two more sisters, which brought a lot more fun and loving into my life.

I was baptized July 8, 1930, on my eighth birthday. Now, I was truly a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I have always been proud of this and have tried to be obedient and faithful to my Heavenly Father and he has granted me so many blessings. I thank Him for these blessings every day of my life.

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New Marker for Emma Covert’s Grave

December 28, 2006

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