February 2016 Newsletter Now Available

The February 2016 issue of the Milo Andrus Family Newsletter is now available:




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  1. Laura K Anderson on February 15th, 2016 10:54 am

    I see that you have no link to the research that I did over 10 years of being the family Genealogist for any of you that are interested my reports are there if you do a search for my name on the site “Laura Anderson” .

    Personally I think the next most logical step would be to do DNA Testing on the Jehiel or Jeheil Andrews line that is in Vermont at the time of Ruluf’s birth and who the professional genealogists hired by the Church Research Department in the 1920’s – 1960’s for the family said were the right family.
    The early family (Miles and Munday lines among others) who were paying for the research to be done did not follow the suggestion of the professionals to do more research on this line as far as I can tell.
    Jehiel is a younger brother of Ruluf under this theory. He moves to Huron County near Ruluf but had no male descendants to do DNA on. There are other lines that could be traced to try and locate this DNA information on this family. At the end of that search we would either know for sure this was or was not Ruluf’s line..
    I stopped doing the research 7 years ago, I have been on a mission for the last 7 years and it is not likley to stop any time soon the website above as well as the Overland trails database are things I have been working on for Church History.

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