Map: Milo’s Residence in Liverpool


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Milo served a mission for the LDS Church in Liverpool, England from 1848 to 1850. He served as the president of the Liverpool conference.

In his journal, in the entry for Thursday, March 1, 1849, he says, “This day I moved to Doncaster Street No. 15.”

Doncaster Street in Liverpool doesn’t exist anymore. According to a genealogist in Liverpool: “Doncaster ran from Latimer Street to Scotland Road, between Epsom Way and Hopwood Street.”

This would put it near the docks, north of University of Liverpool. (See the marker in the map above.) There is now a park where the street used to be.

(You can see the original of Milo’s mission journal in the LDS Church History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.)



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