President’s Message: March 2007 – Five Things You Can Do To Help

Recently a question arose, "What should the wife line organizations be doing and what should individuals be doing?"

Each wife line in the Milo Andrus Family Organization can work to become organized with assignments and meetings to take care of details such as the following:

Our family will be better served if we can answer the question, "Who are the descendants of Milo Andrus and his wife _________." Someone in each wife line (or more than one person) should be assigned to work together to make such lists of descendants. You personally can help in this effort by putting together a descendancy list of your kids, your grandkids, your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, etc. and giving it to your wife line representative. (Don’t know who that is? You can look it up here.)

This is not the same as the descendancy list. We need to have a list of households to whom the hard copy Newsletter can be sent twice a year. This overall mailing list is about 1,500 now and it would be well to increase it. College students and missionaries generally move often and they do not represent good additions to the mailing list, we need mature heads of households. Are you on the mailing list for the hard copy Newsletter?  Are your brothers and sisters? Your uncles, aunts, and cousins?  Is there anyone else you know that is a descendant of Milo that should be on the list?  You can submit names and addresses for the mailing list here.

The ancestry of each wife of Milo Andrus ought to be completed as far as possible. Each wife could probably be better researched. Her descendants should be diligent in working together with modern research tools to identify full ancestry. Contact your wife line representative and ask about the current state of the research and if there is any way you can help.  A list of wife line representatives can be found here.

The Milo Andrus Family Organization has made great strides in getting organized to do this research. Much work is being done and help is needed. Anyone wishing to participate in this work should contact Ray B. Andrus, Research Coordinator of the Organization (

The writing of the Andrus Recorder during the past 50 years has resulted in the accumulation of a lot of documents and pictures of the descendants of Milo Andrus. This valuable material needs to be sorted, cataloged  and properly filed for future reference. People in Utah who can participate in this effort should contact Laura Anderson ( who has many boxes full of such material.

Anyone who can participate in these projects is welcome.


G. Merrill Andrus, President


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  1. Karie Andrus on July 13th, 2013 8:46 pm

    Hi, My name is Karie Andrus Lee Lara, I am the daughter of Dell Andrus, Son of Alton Telford Andrus, Who the son of Mansfield Andrus, Milo and Ann Brooks Son. I cant tell Awesome it has been getting to know my Grandfather. Thank you so much. 🙂

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