The Anderson Report: DNA Research Trip


From family researcher, Laura Anderson:

I am leaving on the 23 of Aug 2007 for a 17 day research trip to Vermont and New York where I will be trying, among other things, to get DNA data on Andrus families that have stayed in that area to match against our Andrus males.  I project this trip will cost $600 for airfare, + hotels + $700.00 for the car + gas and, DNA kits at $195.00 Each. That will come out to around $3,000. If you appreciate the work we are doing please help with a tax detectable contribution!   They can be sent to the Milo Andrus 503B Corporation in care of the Secretary Don Andrus:

Don Andrus
540 West Kim Drive
Perry, Utah 84302

Newyork_2 Thanks to all those who have helped in the past!

Laura Anderson

PS I have set up this site I am not sure how to use it yet but thought people might be interested!  Laura

Ray B. Andrus (Jane Munday line) is having his DNA done on the new 43 marker test and I am taking at least one 43 marker test to try to establish the Lt. John Andrews of Ipswich line.  The descendants of his son John are the ones that took the "Andrus" spelling to differentiate them from all the "Andrews" and "Andros" lines. Some of them lived in Poultney, Vermont in 1800 which is the first time we see Ruluf. Also from the neighboring town of Pawlet there are Andrus’. This is where the Hancocks lived.  (Azuba’s sister Polly married Uriah Hancock).


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  1. Laura Anderson on January 15th, 2008 7:21 am

    We have completed the DNA on Ezra and it did not match our DNA. This development although not what we hoped for is still encouraging as we now can ignore about 1/2 of the Andrus families in our area of Vermont. We have located a descendant of Elihu Andrus family a Bill Andrus Bill is very involved in genealogical research and is willing to do the DNA test. Elihu his ancestor lived in Tinmouth a neighboring town to Poultney. The kit has been sent and should be processed by Feb 28th. There are still about 3 other families that we have identified as of interest but locating a sample can be very difficult. It is like doing all of a lines genealogical research backwards. DNA research is new and many people do not understand that it is far different from the DNA used by the poliece. Bye for now! Laura

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