The Anderson Report: February 2007

From family researcher Laura Anderson:

Christmas has come and gone and here it is 2007.  I remember a teacher in grade school about 1960 telling us how by 1980 cars would be flying and computers whatever they were would know everything about people and keep track of us all.  Well she was 1/2 correct but by 2007. 

How is our research going?  Right now I am taking a little time to go through boxes (15 to be exact) of things done years ago and put into boxes. I located the first one from Elena Goodworth back in 2001, 3 from Uncle Hyrum Andrus (Jane Munday) in 2006, 5 from the secretary’s collection in 2006, 2 more from Uncle Hyrum in late 2006, and 4 more from the Minnie Fisher Ellsworth collection in possession of Jill Scott of the San Diego area. Most of the persons involved in creating these are long since dead (we are happy that Uncle Hyrum is still with us) so no one has known what has been done.

Here is a list of a few of the interesting things I have found:

  1. Picture of Elizabeth Brooks born 1800 died 1876 with her death date.  She is the last wife that we needed this information for.
  2. Will for James Simpkin, (see James Simplin in the php file) father of Ann Brooks, James Simpkin Brooks and Mary Ann Brook’s (sometimes Webb). He left money to these 3 children; we presume he was their father.  This does several things for us: it proves that these 3 children belonged to Elizabeth Brooks, it tells us where Ann MAY have gotten money to buy the piano. It proves that Elizabeth Brooks maiden name is Brooks.
  3. I have located the original pictures or negatives used to make the recorders.  This will give us photographic quality pictures to display and use.
  4. I have a file for each of the recorders many of the "tin plates" that they were printed from and history on each recorder.
  5. I now have a window into not only what was thought in the past about our genealogy but who thought it, and how the thought process was arrived at.   
  6. The guardian bond Ruluf was purposed as the right line by BYU genealogy department in about 1970 because of naming practices.  By the late 1970’s they were making lists of pro’s and con’s as to believing it.
  7. The Ruluf Andrus, Azuba White theory was original proposed by Mrs. Doolittle a granddaughter of Ruluf (daughter of Carlo) in about 1939. Minnie Fisher Ellsworth was corresponding with her at the time.  (We have never been able to document that these persons even existed).
  8. The Samuel Smith, Azuba June line: I have not located the thoughts as to why this line was taken but a quick look at it disproves it as (a) known children do not fit into the family, and (b) Azuba June would have left Connecticut where she was safe and came to the middle of the battle of Bennington (the turning point of the Rev war). 

In other things that are going on:

  • We have passed out the Wives, Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grand Children’s family group sheets to have them inputted into the PAF files. Jane Munday and Ann Brooks lines are almost complete, how are the rest of you doing?  When completed, this will allow us to put histories, pictures, documents and anything else that we decide into their PAF file which will allow us to organize them so they then can go on our web page.  For an example of what is possible go to Newton Andrus, Newton Leslie Andrus, or Beth Andrus in the phpgedview file. To help with this project contact me and I will get you in touch with the person working on your line.
  • Jeff Lensman, a descendant of Adeline Alexander Sproul, who we have to thank for the Recorders on CD, has taken on the project of indexing the documents that I located last September in Essex County, New York’s Court of Common Pleas records.  He will be assigning them out to individuals for transcribing soon.  If you would like to help, contact me ( and I will get you in touch.
  • We will be having a meeting at the computer lab at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City on March 3 from 12:00 to 2:00 where we will be showing the web page, the [phpgedview] web page and giving instructions on how to do the imputing of the family groups.  I will also have files of things divided into wife line files, from the more than 15 boxes that I have now gone through.  These documents will be available after 2:00 on for research and copying.  We are asking that the files not leave the building for obvious reasons; however I will stay as long as anyone is still interested and working in the files.
  • I have decided to postpone my trip to Vermont and New York until late summer or early autumn as there is so much to get done here to know what I actually located on my last trip.


One Response to “The Anderson Report: February 2007”

  1. Patty Walters on February 14th, 2007 8:15 am

    I am Kathrine Bowthorpe’s daughter. I am helping her with the Ann Brooks line. I was wondering if we could get a copy of the picture of Elizabeth Brooks. Thank you for the information about her death, I did some research and had a ten year span to look for her death date, but now that you have given me the year, I will start doing research on that year to see if I can come up with death information on Elizabeth.
    I am also going to submit the information that I have on Ann and Elizabeth from when they arrived in the USA to Andy.
    Please let me know how I can help on my line.

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