Tom and Anne Andrus Take Their Four Kids Around the World and End Up on Oprah

223470193_538fa22d83_2 Tom Andrus is a descendant of Milo Andrus. Tom and Anne Andrus always hoped to take their kids on an adventurous family voyage. Now, they’ve made their dream a reality with a 365-day expedition around the world! Anne, Tom and their four kids—14-year-old Dax, 12-year-old McKane, 7-year-old Kieran and 4-year-old Asher—left their Atlanta home and hit the road on August 27, 2006. First stop, New Zealand! About eight months into their trip, they have already had their fair share of adventure touring floating villages in Vietnam, dancing on Namibian sand dunes, tubing down a river in Laos, visiting museums in France and even meeting an elephant in Botswana…and they still have five months to go.

They appeared on The Oprah Show on April 2, 2007 via satellite from the summit of a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

To see photos and learn more about the family and their trip, visit their blog

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