Timeline of Milo Andrus’ Life (including the births of all 57 children)

(The mother’s initials follow each child’s name. Scroll to the bottom for a key to the initials.)

Events in Milo’s Life Birthdates of Milo’s Children
1814 Born March 6, in Jay Township (now Wilmington), Essex County, New York.
1816-24 Moved with family to Dunkirk, New York; Henrietta, Ohio; and East Norwalk, Ohio.
1830 Moved to Florence, Ohio.
1832 Mother Azuba Smith died.
1833 Married Abigail Daley.
Baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Ordained an Elder.
Served two short missions in Ohio.
Mary Jane (AD)
1834 Marched to Missouri and back as a member of Zion’s Camp.
1835 Ordained a member of the Quorum of the Seventy.
Served mission to New York.
1836 Helped build the Kirtland temple and was present at the dedication.
Called as president of Florence, Ohio branch.
James (AD)
1836-37 Led Florence branch to Caldwell County, Missouri. Settled just south of Far West.
1837 Sarah Ann (AD)
1838 Due to mob persecution, moved from Missouri to Adams County, Illinois (southeast of Nauvoo).
1838-40 Served 3rd mission to Ohio.
1841 John Daley (AD)
1842 Moved to Nauvoo, Illinois.
1844 Called as bishop of Nauvoo 5th ward.
Served 4th mission to Ohio. Activities included campaigning for the presidential candidacy of Joseph Smith.
Helped build Nauvoo temple.
1845 Received endowment in the Nauvoo temple and served as an ordinance worker.
Called as president of one of the Quorums of Seventy.
Millennium (female) (AD)
1846 Due to mob persecution in Nauvoo, moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa and then to Winter Quarters, Nebraska.
1847 Remained in Winter Quarters to grow crops for Saints going west. Amanda Ann (AD)
1848 Married 2nd wife Sarah Miles. Milo Jr. (SM)
1848-50 Served 1st mission to England. Served as president of the Liverpool conference.
1849 Father Ruluf Andrus died.
1850 Led his 1st wagon company of 51 wagons and 206 people across the plains to Salt Lake City.
1851 Divorced by 1st wife Abigail Daley.
Married 3rd wife Lucy Loomis .
2nd wife Sarah Miles died.
1852 Married 4th wife Adeline Alexander.
Married 5th wife Mary Webster.
1853 Laron Alexander (male) (AA)
1854 Sent from Salt Lake City to be president of the St. Louis stake. Marlon Webster (MW)
Lavenia (LL)
Henrietta (AA)
1855 Led his 2nd wagon company of 461 people across the plains to Salt Lake City.
Married 6th wife Elizabeth Brooks.
Married 7th wife Ann Brooks.
Married 8th wife Jane Munday.
Lewis (AA)
1856 Millard (JM)
1857 Married 9th wife Margaret Boyce.
Served as a Major in the Utah Militia during the Utah War.
Alwilda Nancy (AB)
Alma (male) (LL)
Marinda (MW)
1858 Served as bishop of Big Cottonwood ward.
Married 10th wife Emma Covert.
Josephine (JM)
1859-61 Served 2nd mission to England. Served as president of the Birmingham district. Lyman (MW)
Charles (AB)
Isadore (MB)
Helena (EC)
Jacob (LL)
1860 Andrus halfway house built by 3rd wife Lucy Loomis at Dry Creek (now Sandy), Utah.  (The halfway house was moved to Utah’s This is the Place State Park in 1981.) Liona (AA)
Sarah Jane (JM)
1861 Led company of 600 Saints from England to New York on the ship Underwriter.
Lead company of 900 Saints to Florence, Nebraska by train.
Lead his 3rd wagon company of 38 wagons and 620 people to Salt Lake City.
1862 Married 11th wife Francenia Tuttle. Hyrum (MB)
Randolph (AA)
Orson (twin) (AB)
Parley (twin) (AB)
Selestia (EC)
Lucy (MW)
1863 Byron (FT)
Laura Elizabeth (LL)
1864 Divorced from 4th wife Adeline Alexander. Mary Emma (EC)
Walter Sheridan (MW)
1865 Esmarilda (LL)
1866 Mansfield (MB)
Oscar (FT)
Sherman (JM)
1867 Grant Webster (MW)
Florence (EC)
1868 Brigham Boyce (MB)
Heber (JM)
1869 Elizabeth (EC)
Minnie (MW)
1869-70 Called to mission in the eastern states.
1870 Clarence Eugene (AB)
1871 Ernest Amos (FT)
Newton (JM)
1872 Horace (MB)
Carrie (EC)
1873 Sent to St. George, Utah to organize and serve as chairman of the United Order.
Helped build the St. George temple.
Robert (JM)
Nellie (MW)
1874 William Spencer (EC)
Margaret Ann (MB)
1874-81 Served on the high council of the St. George stake.
1876 Laura (MW)
1877 Benjamin Boyce (twin) (MB)
Joseph Boyce (twin) (MB)
1880 Evaline Charlotte (MB)
1881 Sent to colonize Blake City (now Green River), Utah.
1882 Moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Appointed chaplain of the council of the Utah Legislature.
1884 Moved to Oxford, Idaho.
Called as stake patriarch.
1886 Remarried 1st wife Abigail Daley.
1893 Died at Oxford, Idaho, June 19.

Total Children: 57 (41 living to adulthood)


KEY — Milo’s Wives

1. Abigail Daley (AD)
2. Sarah Miles (SM)
3. Lucy Loomis (LL)
4. Adeline Alexander (AA)
5. Mary Webster (MW)
6. Elizabeth Brooks (EB)
7. Ann Brooks (AB)
8. Jane Munday (JM)
9. Margaret Boyce (MB)
10. Emma Covert (EC)
11. Francenia Tuttle (FT)



Timeline of Milo Andrus’ Life

Timeline of Milo Andrus’ Life (including major events in LDS Church history)


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